This Game is Trash



The stop-motion collectathon game about trash, rats, and broken dreams.


This Game is Trash is a single player collectathon game where you explore different worlds and gather trash. It features stop motion clay animation using hand-made clay figures and original Zelda-esque open worlds. Meet friends, plan out your days in a world where every second counts, stop the evil White Trash organization and fulfill your dumpster dreams!

I’m heavily inspired by games like Pikmin, Paper Mario and Mario 64. I work on it full time and my goal is to release it in 2019.

                         But Gamer don’t understand! Wut Gamer do in dis videogame?!? >:(

Collect and Explore










Each world is filled with wild and dangerous creatures. Use a simple classic Zelda style combat system to defend yourself against them and several bosses you’ll encounter along the way. Eventually you must learn the skills needed to take down the 4 generals of the White Trash Army.



chip1.pngAlong the way you encounter an inspired cast of characters, each with their own little stories. You’ll meet characters like Chip, an ice cream scoop dropped on the ground that’s going to melt and die in 3 days, who wishes only to have a conversation partner for the rest of his short life. Or Jumbo, the dog director of such films as ‘Pup Fiction’ and ‘The Pawshank Redemption’, who works so hard and puts so much love into his work…yet nobody seems to show up to his movies…and his hope is fading.

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This Game is Trash will feature all your favorite trash. with over 50 different individual trash pieces to collect, you can be sure this is the garbage-based collectathon game you’ve been waiting for. The Game also features 5 different hand-sculpted worlds to explore, each with their own characters and enemies.




With only 30 days to fulfill your dreams, you must be sure to use your time accordingly. Use things like Pins(which give you certain bonuses when worn) depending on what you plan to do that day, because there’s never enough time to do everything!




  • 5 unique hand-sculpted worlds to explore
  • Over 50 different kinds of trash to collect
  • 12 Distinct characters to interact with, each with their own distinct side quest
  • 10 bosses
  • Over 40 Pins to unlock and equip to your preferred play style
  • A story centered around the reality of following one’s dreams
  • Upgrade your character through a variety of different Shops in the Hub World
  • An estimated 8-10 hours of game play




















The Team

Conor Garity is a solo independent game developer living in New York. He strives to create inspired and colorful worlds and characters with his distinct stop-motion art style. I think he’s pretty cool.

He is working with Digital Smash, who is lending their expertise and experience to help deliver a quality experience sometime this century.

You can contact him at Please don’t hesitate, something tells me he’s very lonely and would love to hear from you.

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