The Writing of ‘This Game is Trash’




  In college I once took a public speaking class with a professor who was especially wacky and weird. When we first started the course, he had all his students, across all his classes, do the same exercise: everybody was to anonymously write down something about them they didn’t want anyone to know on a sheet of paper. Every student handed the paper to him, and after a week or two, I came into class and every piece of paper, from every class he taught, was hung there on the wall. It wasn’t long before you noticed something about them. There was something similar with most of them. As the professor would soon explain: over 90% of every student’s submission said the exact same thing:



     I believe I am part of a generation where many have a lingering, damaging sadness within them nearly everyday of their lives, one that which nobody ever talks about because of fear of backlash, or the fear that nobody will care if they do. Like a couple who are constantly on the edge of divorce, there are many out there I believe who, day by day, grow colder and sadder, but the decision to change is too scary or unknown. And they may stay that way their whole lives, but maybe one day they will grow sick of it. All those sad moments will add up, and far outweigh the good moments, and they will find it better not to try anymore.

   I think video games can be far more personal than that of any medium. Player choice adds a lot and I believe that relating to something in a video game can create a connection with the player.


This is my biggest inspiration when it comes to the writing and dialog found in This Game is Trash. I want to take situations, really wacky, crazy situations, and throw in the strangest bit of relatability. I’m a silly person, I don’t take things very seriously, so I have to do it through the form of goofy characters that may initially seem like something you find in a children’s game.

Whether it’s talking about life with a melting ice cream scoop, or trying to make a dog not give up on his movie-making dreams, I hope the writing found in the game is, at the very least, something different. Something you weren’t expecting. I try to imagine another me out there experiencing the game and it sparks something in them. Make them think…I don’t know…that they’re not the only ones out there with the problems they’re facing.

I am not smart. I have no idea if anyone understands what I’m talking about here. I do not have any answers, but I am desperate to try anything I can to see a change in the reality I live in. I’m just some guy on the internet making a video game that might go nowhere. I’m a nobody…but maybe I realize how depressed you are.

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